Dan Coming back

I made it through a Cardiac Arrest and a Quad bypass. All of this happened the week we were sponsoring Mas Ayoob’s MAG 20. I am so proud of my instructors who stepped in to take my place during the past several months. I passed all the rehab stress tests with flying colors. The Doctors said that I will have the energy I had 10 years ago and I can feel it. I’ve been working out daily with a P T and my weight is down from 284 to 204 this morning. I will update this site completely during the next few days. Thank you.

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Gator Farm Courses courses in September 2013

In Ajo, AZ  Pima County class. Our Safety Selection Course on Friday the 6th.  Legal Issues of CCW on Monday the 30th.  $75. Register at the Bud Walker building/

At SERP in Tucson, Inter-Agency Training.  $200. Register through Pima County Parks and Rec.  This is a very advanced handgun-shotgun course taught at several military facilities.  We have opened it up to civilians September 19-20.

SERP, Safety Selection Seminar.  This very popular class  will be on Saturday the 21st.  Cost is $75.  Register through Pima County Parks and Recreation.

SERP Legal Issues of CCW.  This is the course that gives your CCW permit.  It is taught by a Detective Sergeant with a large Metro-Police force in S. AZ.  $75.00  Register through Pima County Parks and Recreation.

Pima Pistol Club in North Tucson.  Senior-Safety Selection course.  This class is geared for seniors who need to go a bit slower.  It is offered during the week because most seniors are retired.$75.00.  Register through Gator Farm Tactical at 1961berlin@gmail.com or Victoria Willhite at 520 7321533.

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Four Courses to be taught at the Pima County Parks and Recreation Ranges

Safety-Selection Seminar
Legalities of CCW
Inter-Agency advanced training
Mas Ayoob’s MAG 20 class.

Each course will be described in detail in the course descriptions.

Registration for the Courses should be done by MAIL only. Pima County Parks and Recreation 3500 West River Road, Tucson, AZ, 85741

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Gator Farm Tactical authorized to give Mas Ayoob’s MAG 20 class

This is the Stressfire class which is the 20 required hours of handgun training done during the MAG 40 Class. Once several MAG 20 classes have been conducted we will bring Mas in to give 2 days of instruction in using Lethal Force. In a classroom he will give the legal aspects of a shooting. A student must complete both phases of the course in order to get the MAG 40 Certificate.
The MAG 40 class is $800. By dividing the course in half a student can pay $400. for the MAG 20 course and have several months to come up with the $400. for the Legal aspects of using lethal force.
We are confident that this will allow more ‘working’ folks and students to be able to afford the best course for self defense that exists.

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Tom Givens from Rangemaster

to RETURN to Tucson in 2014.  Arrangements are being made now and we will give more information as available.  We are deciding if he should teach a three day advanced Instructor Development course again OR a three day advanced tactical course.  We are looking for feedback.
Cost $500.
Pima Pistol Club in North Tucson.

Kathy Jackson of Corneredcat.com and Concealed Carry Magazine will present an ALL Woman’s class in Tucson October 12-13, 2013.  The class is set for the Pima Pistol Club.  Price and ammunition details will come soon.

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MAG 40 in Arizona April 27-30, 2012

Gator Farm Tactical to Sponsor Mas Ayoob and has MAG 40 class April 27-30, 2012.


This is the fourth class at the Sierra Vista range for Massad Ayoob.

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Another successful Mas Ayoob MAG 80 class

Mas Ayoob’s MAG 80 class held in March, 2011 was a great success

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Seconds to Disaster

I just found out that Wolfgang has named the documentary about the 16 hours of Tank Standoff in 1061 is being named Seconds to Disaster.

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German T V Company flew Dan to Washington D C

To film a 3 day interview on Berlin. At the National Archives Building.
the 22-23-24th of March.

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Massad Ayoob’s MAG 80 class March 14-18, 2011

Gator Farm Tactical will sponsor Mas Ayoob’s MAG 80 class March 14-18, 2011.
This is an intensive 5 day class which will include shotgun.

This class will include intensive firearm retention which in today’s world is a life saver.

We need at a verbal commitment ASAP and a small deposit also ASAP.

The MAG 80 is the very advanced next step from the MAG 40 class and includes shotgun and firearms retention sections.

Gatorfarm Tactical will host back to back Massad Ayoob classes that prep each other

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