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Gator Farm Tactical provides world class education and training on firearms and self defense.    Our courses are designed to teach people of all training levels how to protect themselves, their homes, and families.  From basic handgun instruction to full on tactical lessons, Gator Farm Tactical has you covered.

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The class you put on for LEOs and soldiers on Ft Huachuca was great!  The drills and lessons were relevant and challenging, with performance-oriented standards.  I liked that the class covered engagement distances ranging from conversational distance to more than 50 yards.  At no point was the class monotonous, and the instructors were able to help individuals of different sizes and skill levels discover variations on techniques that allowed everybody to improve.  This was definitely a great class that challenged us without becoming overwhelming.  That it was free for us soldiers and police officers is a bonus, but it would still have been well worth a paid spot!
David Marlow

Law Enforcement Officer

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