Congratulations to Gunstores

Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson has expanded and will be able to offer additional firearms space. Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts has expanded the Peacemaker Gun Shows. Trailboss Outfitters in Sierra Vista continues to expand in Cochise County and attends gunshows throughout Arizona. Gator Farm Tactical will support training from these organizations that does not interfere with our own.

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Mas Ayoob awards Gator Farm Tactical with the honor of being his sole representative in Arizona

PIC_0087 This is indeed a wonderful honor.  Mas Ayoob is the most knowledgeable  firearms instructor in the Unites States in the modern world.  Mas has published many books, magazine articles, appeared in film and television, and spoken at every kind of gathering that supports firearms ownership and training.  Mas has assisted in the legal defense of innocent Americans who have protected their families and other innocents for over 30 years.  For him to recognize our staff of instructors and allow us to represent him is a distinction separating us from other organizations and we will live up to this honor.

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Gator Farm Tactical to offer firearms classes at every level in Southern Arizona

We are the most experienced firearms training organization in Southern Arizona.  That is fact not bragging.  We are associated with Massad Ayoob and authorized to use his material in our instruction.  Our instructors have all passed NRA training, All of Mas Ayoob’s courses and have fired a 95% or better against this famed instructor.  Every instructor has passed the very advanced Senior Instructor’s course from Tom Givens of Rangemaster.

We are associated with The Firearms Academy of Seattle and have taken much training at that famed training school.  We are Charter members of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, and the Arizona Citizens Legal Defense League.

All of our instructors have attended at least two of these schools: Gunsite, Front Site, Thunder Ranch, Tactical Response, and Gabe Suarez’s courses.

Our police instructors have taken many courses at ILEETA International Law Enforcement Education and Trainers Association.  We have testified for our students in court, always successfully because our students know how to articulate what they do and why they did it.

Our military instructors have attended, passed, and received certification in all Infantry weapons systems.  Dan fired in the ALL ARMY competition at Ft. Benning 9 different years.

We taught the Practical Pistol course at Ft. Huachuca for 3 years.  We taught the Advanced Inter-Agency course at Fort Huachuca for 2 years and will open this class to qualified civilians.

In 2012 we were chosen by Pima County Parks and Recreation to be the Firearms Training Vendor at their wonderful ranges.

We want to make people safe with all firearms, teach CCW courses and techniques to keep innocents safe, and to continue teaching the very advanced courses that allow our police, CCW holders, and military to protect citizens.

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Pima County Parks and Rec classes from January through April 2015

A couple from Minnesota at the May safety class at SERP

In Ajo at the AVE range. Handgun Safety Seminar: $80.00  Friday 2/20 beginning at 0900 in the County Classroom, then finishing at the range.  We will furnish handguns but we have a $5.00 ammo fee.  This is well under the price of the ammo you will fire.

Classes at the Southeast Regional Park (SERP)

Handgun Safety Seminar 

Saturday 1/10  $80.00 This will be in the small classroom at SERP.  Be ready to have intensive handgun safety and much note taking in the morning and much firing of at least 10 different handguns in the afternoon.  Here is a couple from Minnesota who took this class.  One of the handguns they fired was the new Sig 290 Pocket Gun.

Saturday 2/14 . Saturday 3/14. Saturday 4/11

Legal Issues of CCW.

$80.00 for course.  Upon passing the course you will be given the certificate to send to the State which charges a separate fee which has been $60.

This course goes well beyond the Arizona State requirements to receive an Arizona CCW permit. It will be held in the small classroom, please be there prior to 0900.  Be Prepared to take many notes.

Sunday 1/18, Sunday 2/15,  Sunday 4/19

Inter-Agency Training.   This is the same course that was taught at Ft. Huachuca for 3 years to troops who were deploying to combat zones and to LEOs from many different agencies.  We have opened this up to qualified civilians.  (CCW permit, a letter from a LEO, a letter from an instructor who trained you)  With this course you are ready to use your firearm in a situation that requires lethal force.

Times to be announced as we will move this class to either the Pima Pistol Club or one of the local ranches that has set up a three side range for advanced drills.  If you want this class call and we will teach it with a minimum of 4 students.

Practical Handgun. 

Saturday 2/7  $100.00 This is the one day course we taught at Ft. Huachuca for Medic and Staff personnel who were deploying but did not have much experience with the handgun.  Some unit commanders could not release personnel for 2 days so we developed this intense course to give as much experience as possible for those going in harms way.  This IS the perfect curse for CCW holders who want to be able to use their handgun in a defensive action to protect their and innocent life.

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Dan Coming back

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Gator Farm Courses courses in September 2013

In Ajo, AZ  Pima County class. Our Safety Selection Course on Friday the 6th.  Legal Issues of CCW on Monday the 30th.  $75. Register at the Bud Walker building/

At SERP in Tucson, Inter-Agency Training.  $200. Register through Pima County Parks and Rec.  This is a very advanced handgun-shotgun course taught at several military facilities.  We have opened it up to civilians September 19-20.

SERP, Safety Selection Seminar.  This very popular class  will be on Saturday the 21st.  Cost is $75.  Register through Pima County Parks and Recreation.

SERP Legal Issues of CCW.  This is the course that gives your CCW permit.  It is taught by a Detective Sergeant with a large Metro-Police force in S. AZ.  $75.00  Register through Pima County Parks and Recreation.

Pima Pistol Club in North Tucson.  Senior-Safety Selection course.  This class is geared for seniors who need to go a bit slower.  It is offered during the week because most seniors are retired.$75.00.  Register through Gator Farm Tactical at or Victoria Willhite at 520 7321533.

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Four Courses to be taught at the Pima County Parks and Recreation Ranges

Safety-Selection Seminar
Legalities of CCW
Inter-Agency advanced training
Mas Ayoob’s MAG 20 class.

Each course will be described in detail in the course descriptions.

Registration for the Courses should be done by MAIL only. Pima County Parks and Recreation 3500 West River Road, Tucson, AZ, 85741

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Gator Farm Tactical authorized to give Mas Ayoob’s MAG 20 class

This is the Stressfire class which is the 20 required hours of handgun training done during the MAG 40 Class. Once several MAG 20 classes have been conducted we will bring Mas in to give 2 days of instruction in using Lethal Force. In a classroom he will give the legal aspects of a shooting. A student must complete both phases of the course in order to get the MAG 40 Certificate.
The MAG 40 class is $800. By dividing the course in half a student can pay $400. for the MAG 20 course and have several months to come up with the $400. for the Legal aspects of using lethal force.
We are confident that this will allow more ‘working’ folks and students to be able to afford the best course for self defense that exists.

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Tom Givens from Rangemaster

to RETURN to Tucson in 2014.  Arrangements are being made now and we will give more information as available.  We are deciding if he should teach a three day advanced Instructor Development course again OR a three day advanced tactical course.  We are looking for feedback.
Cost $500.
Pima Pistol Club in North Tucson.

Kathy Jackson of and Concealed Carry Magazine will present an ALL Woman’s class in Tucson October 12-13, 2013.  The class is set for the Pima Pistol Club.  Price and ammunition details will come soon.

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MAG 40 in Arizona April 27-30, 2012

Gator Farm Tactical to Sponsor Mas Ayoob and has MAG 40 class April 27-30, 2012.


This is the fourth class at the Sierra Vista range for Massad Ayoob.

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